Sunday, December 21, 2014

Support Chorale Bel Canto at Year's End

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This is an exciting time for Chorale Bel Canto. In the first of a three-year strategic plan, we are committed to great things. We envision a greater role for the Chorale in the communities we serve, including collaborating with other arts organizations, engaging larger and more diverse audiences with our programming and outreach initiatives, and playing a role in the musical education of the children of our community.

We can't reach these goals without support from generous friends like you. We invite you to be a valued member of the Chorale Bel Canto family! Many singers and supporters have been with us since the beginning, 33 years ago, and many have joined our family along the way. We will be in touch throughout December, sharing thoughts from singers and donors about why Chorale Bel Canto matters to them!

Only 11 days left in 2014 to make your tax-deductible gift to Chorale Bel Canto!

"Chorale gives me an opportunity to sing with other 
people, learn music I've never heard of before, 
and perform in lots of different places. I love singing 
because music is universal, the same thing in every
language, so it brings people together."
Lupita Vargas, singer and Rio Hondo College student

Please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation
to Chorale Bel Canto
as the year end approaches. Invest in the future of choral music!

"We've been attending Chorale concerts since 1982. Oh, yes, from the ground floor. 
Oh, my gosh, the growth! They do so much more now than hey did at the very beginning--newer works, more contemporary works. We give because we want to see this continue for other people to enjoy. They need to know about it. Giving to the Chorale is just part of our routine, part of our schedule. It's what we do, that's right. We don't think twice about it."
Barrie and Ruth Cruickshank, donors

Warmest wishes for the holiday season from ........
Chorale Bel Canto!

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