Monday, December 29, 2014

Donating to Chorale Bel Canto Matters!

Have you wondered if we can get along without you?
We can’t.

Just 3 more days to make your fully tax-deductible donation
To Chorale Bel Canto in 2014

The truth is, ticket sales alone bring in just 25% of our annual budget. We work diligently to raise money from government and foundation grants and business donors, but programming and performing are expensive. Our dedicated singers volunteer their time and talents, but we pay for performances and rehearsal space, instrumentalists like the masterful brass ensemble at our Christmas concert, printing programs and postcards, and the list goes on…

We need your help to keep choral music alive and vibrant. Won’t you partner with us, and together we’ll make it happen?

Invest in Chorale Bel Canto and let music feed your soul!

Why do I sing?
I just love singing with Chorale Bel Canto. It’s a wonderful feeling being in this really good choir. In my other two choirs, I usually have to help out my section, but in Chorale, it’s me that’s being helped, so it’s different. It’s great!
Terrance Clark, singer and Rio Hondo student

 Why do I donate?
It gives me great satisfaction to be a part of such a resplendent group of singers. I donate to ensure the chorale music will flourish and continue to enrich our community.
Claire Rademacher, donor and singer

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