Friday, February 28, 2014

Bach Blitz Begins!

As we prepare for the 77th annual Whittier College Bach Festival, we invite you to follow our blog daily. You will find stimulating information about Bach and the Festival concerts:

“Bach Bagatelles” by Linda de Vries will post every day from now until the conclusion of the Bach Festival. You will find 37 tidbits of information about J.S. Bach, with lots of fun and unusual connections between his world and ours.

“Conductor’s Notes” by Stephen Gothold will post on Wednesdays. You will deepen your knowledge about the composer and the music we will sing.

 “Destination . . . Chorale Bel Canto” by Linda de Vries will post on Fridays. You will discover various ways to spend a day way in Whittier with the CBC concert on Saturday, April 5th as the center of your experience.

Guest Artists” will post periodically and will feature the other performers in the Bach Festival:

      Raymond Erickson will write about his solo harpsichord concert on Sunday, April 6th

      Christian Campus, director of Horizon Music Group, will write about their concert on Friday, April 4th

      The Whittier College Music Faculty will write about their students in the Poet Musicale

Enjoy following our blog and invite your friends to do the same!

CASINO NIGHT 2014! What fun we had!