Friday, January 25, 2013

Hi! Well, here we go. First post. There will be several to come. You will see posts here from members, members of the board and maybe even guest posts from our audience.

There are a lot of changes underway. But, do you remember your thirties ? That's where we are. THIRTY ONE!  Halfway through our season and a lot of excitement underway. Watch this space for more information. You will be impressed!



  1. Well, I look forward to some informative and FUN blog posts here...for example, who is going to audition for Fugue for Tinhorns or Adelaide's Lament??

  2. Hi David, do you have any photos of the small women's ensemble that sang Ceremony of Carols at our Xmas concert?

  3. The lighting was horrible.. I have a few that are pretty blurry. What got posted was the best, but Ill look again...